Wheelchair Rugby

Adaptive Wheelchair Rugby

By participating in Wheelchair Rugby, the general health and wellbeing of participants will improve, as the training and exercise will contribute to better physical- as well as emotional health. These, however, are not the only benefits of participating in Rugby. As strength, endurance and self- esteem improve by playing the game it will carry over into tasks of daily living, leading to improved levels of independence in everyday activities. Hence the belief that the participation in Wheelchair sports will enhance the overall quality of life.

One should also take into consideration the fact that most people living with disabilities in South Africa need to be informed and educated regarding a healthy lifestyle around their disabilities. The aim is not only be to develop Wheelchair Rugby athletes, but also to transform the lives of people living with a disability from a very young age, and by example prove a successful lifestyle, previously thought to be impossible by many disabled people as well as their families and piers.

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“The total overwhelming feeling when scoring your first goal provides each participant with the believe that they again can achieve, compete and excel.”