Adaptive Scuba Diving

We are bringing the sport of scuba diving to persons with limited abilities! Adaptive scuba diving is a method of training persons with a variety of disabilities to participate in scuba diving as independently as their abilities allow them to do. The students are trained with the same academic information and consistency as able-bodied divers where the only difference is, that students are assessed according to their ability to complete a specific skill-set on the surface and of course, underwater.

Adaptations are made throughout the learning process and it is also possible that an adaptive diver may be certified at the same level as an able-bodied diver. In other cases, students are certified with a specially-trained Buddy or Buddies who are required to dive with them in order to ensure they can safely explore the underwater world. No matter the level of certification or the adaptations required, every person now has a chance to be certified to explore the world’s oceans as an Open Water Diver!.

Who can do it?

The program is open to all medically qualified physically disabled persons whom have not had scuba training since their injury or disease. As long as you meet the basic medical criteria for scuba diving, you may try out adaptive scuba diving. People with amputations, spinal cord injuries, those with hearing loss or vision impairment are most welcome to enrol! Regardless of your specific diagnosis or impairment, as long as you can hold a regulator in your mouth, breathe unaided and aren’t too terrified of water, you are encouraged to try out adaptive scuba diving!.

Adaptive Scuba Diving


Jesse Lee Botha

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“The most amazing experience that you could do on earth, it gives you freedom in so many ways and the peace you feel when your under the water is the best therapy for anyone, you can actually leave all the worlds worries on land.”

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